Oregon Somatic Therapy

Journey to the Source

Journey to the Source: Solstice Meditation

by Suzie Wolfer LCSW with thanks to Lee Greer!

Materials:  paper and pen

Preparation for the Journey

  • Close eyes, tune into your breath, body sensations, sounds in the room, feeling of chair and floor against body. Be here now.
  • Let your breath flow deep into your belly.Breathe into the count of 7 and exhale to 11, or 5 and 9. Let this be gentle, slow and easy.
  • Grounding.  Notice the area just below your ovaries (first chakra in women) or base of the spine (first chakra in men) and notice the powerful flow of energy into the earth and to the center of the planet of your grounding. Let the exhale breath cleanse and clear your space.
  • Upper Grounding. Next be aware of the golden network surrounding the earth, like a honey comb with a cell for each person and allow the energy from this cell that is uniquely yours to flow down into your space through the top of your head
  • Cosmic grounding: now the earth current to flow up through your body and join with the cosmic energy while at the same time the cosmic energy feeling the cosmic flow down into the body and marry with the earth energy. Then feel one continuous flow from earth to cosmos and cosmos to earth.  Notice how your body responds to this flow of energy. Notice your breathing.
  • Center of your head: let your awareness move to the very front of your skull, against the forehead.  This is where were we strategize, analyze and figure things out . . . not the most helpful place to reside on the Journey.  Next let your awareness move far back in your head to the center of your head.  You may notice a feeling of spaciousness, neutrality.  Here we can calmly observe what happens with curiosity and openness.


Meeting your Guide on the Journey to the Source

  • To prepare yourself, remind your body that the journey will be though non-ordinary space and the laws of the physical world, logic and normalcy are suspended.
  • Prepare to meet your guide, remembering the guide will be choosing you. The guide may be an animal, a person, an inanimate object or one or more images from your SoulCollage® cards.
  • Feel your cosmic grounding and be in the center of your head.
  • Ask the question “Who will guide me on my journey to the Source?” and simply notice who or what comes and greets you. Take a few moments and simply observe your guide.  Notice anything and everything that happens.  Notice and enhance your willingness to be guided.  Let go of any thought of needing to control or know what is going to happen.  Let yourself be curious and open to what ever happens.  In the realm of deep imagery, every nuance is significant.  After you have observed invite your guide to communicate using the “I am the One who . . .” and listen deeply.
  • Next ask “What needs to happen next?” and simply follow the lead given. Be willing and curious.
  • Give yourself some time to experience the Journey.Ask questions, notice everything you see, feel, and think.  Everything is relevant.  If you get stuck or confused, just ask, “What needs to happen next.”  Then wait and watch and engage.
  • Ask your guide “What would you have me know?” and listen deeply, with your mind, your heart and your body.
  • At some point your guide will lead you on to the next part of the journey or return you home.Notice any sensations in your body and let them speak up using the “I am the One who. . .”  Thank your guide in what ever way feels appropriate to you.
  • When the Journey feels complete, notice the sounds in the room and sensations in your body, open your eyes, move your body, stretch, cross your arms and legs over the mid-line to anchor the work and completely move back into ordinary reality
  • Use your paper and pen to record the experience. About 5 minutes



  • Either pair up or go around the circle inviting anyone who’d like to share their experience.