Would you like an easy way to…

  • Reconnect with your creativity?
  • Access your intuition?
  • Take a relaxing break from stress?
  • Renew your spiritual connection?
  • Use a powerful tool to deepen your work in therapy?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, SoulCollage® may be a powerful tool to awaken to your Life Purpose.

Simply put, SoulCollage® streamlines and integrates the connection to both the conscious and unconscious mind. And it does so in your own time, at your own pace, and in your own language of imagery.


When we use SoulCollage® in therapy, together we’ll meet the shadowy parts that may play a role in holding you back. And we will also meet and welcome the healthy, confident and wise parts of you who will help you do the work of recovering from depression, anxiety, grief and trauma.

You’ll rediscover your creativity and intuition using the simple process of making SoulCollage® cards. You may find Gold where you least expect it.

What is SoulCollage®

Seena B. Frost LMFT, educator and psychotherapist created the SoulCollage® process. You can read her book entitled SoulCollage: An Intuitive Collage Process for Individuals and Groups. Teachers all over the world use this powerful process in workshops and psychotherapy, with more than 1300 trained facilitators worldwide in just 8 years.

In SoulCollage® we use images from magazines to create a personal deck of cards. Combining dreams, imagination, personal symbols and intuition, you effortlessly create mini works of art that tap into your inner genius. Your work with SoulCollage® will take self-discovery to a new level.

It’s easy and anyone can do SoulCollage® . No artistic skills needed to create powerful and inspiring cards.

Experience Soul Tending… How It Works

I will teach you a simple and fun way to awaken your Creative Intelligence using SoulCollage® . Cards containing the images you select — or the images that select you — come straight through your Soul, without getting caught in the analyzer. These simple images free you to explore parts of yourself that have been waiting patiently to be discovered.

As we work with your SoulCollage® cards, you will rediscover your imagination, intuition and insight. All it takes is a glue stick, scissors, some recycled magazine images and SoulCollage boards to get started. With these simple tools and materials you will create a magnificent deck of uniquely personal cards.

When you want to dive deeper, I will gently guide you to reveal powerful insights about your life using your cards. You will be amazed at what you will discover. And perhaps even more importantly, I will show you how to use your SoulCollage cards to make positive changes in your every day life.

Together we will discover with compassion, the unhappy or worried parts. In trying to protect you, these parts may fear trying new things. They may hold you back. Change happens when these parts are met with loving kindness. As you learn to witness and appreciate these parts, you’ll feel the presence of Soul in your every day life.

The Swiss psychoanalyst C.G. Jung worked extensively with archetypes in his psychotherapy practice. He noted that by first taking something apart, getting to know each part intimately, and allowing the parts to come back together that change occurred. He called this process individuation. I can show you how to use SoulCollage to meet your personal archetypes and learn how to work with them.

Ready to give it a try?

Ready to dive deep with cards you’ve already made? Call me to sign up for my “Three Session SoulCollage® Breakthrough”.

Thank you to all the wonderful photographers and artists whose images inspired us to recreate and discover our inner and outer worlds!

SoulCollage® cards are not to be sold, traded, or bartered and are to be reproduced only for the personal use of the maker of the card SoulCollage® cards may be used as examples to illustrate the SoulCollage® process.

SoulCollage® with Suzie Wolfer

Suzie Wolfer is a licensed clinical social worker who teaches people how to do SoulCollage®. This unique process helps you to create mini works of art that tap into your inner healer.

Click here to watch SoulCollage® with Suzie Wolfer >