Facilitator Resources

Small Business Resources

Getting started on internet marketing? Starting a new business? Re-visioning your current business? Here are some resources to help you.

Business Development

Easy Web Page Design – answer these questions as the basis for your web page

Simple Business Plan Template – Do a one page business plan

Small Business or Lucrative Hobby? – Do you have a delightful past time, lucrative hobby or small business. Find out here  PDF Version

SoulCollage ® Business Case Study – Read how you can turn your passion for SoulCollage into a sustainable, ethical business

Workshop Tools

SoulCollage® Resources for Facilitators – tons of ideas, sources for getting up and running with your groups

Outline & Checklist for a 3 hour workshop – Customize this to fit your needs, and make sure you’ve covered all the bases.

Quotes for Inspiration – these quotes are all available on the internet. And so make it easy for you, here are our favorites in one place for you. An even better idea: Quote your own SoulCollage® cards

SoulCollage® Group Resources

Families of Emotion Wheel – helps clients identify and name emotional states

SoulCollage® Group check in sheet – an easy one page form to use in group therapy with a CBT orientation. It helps clients work independently, yet start to get the depth of the work

SoulCollage® Facilitator Video – Registration and Listing