Nature Based Therapy

As you walk down the path to my office, you’ll be walking on land that has been honored, witnessed and protected for the past 25 years.

You’ll get a glimpse into the forest along Johnson Creek and Mt Scott Butte. We’re seen deer, elk, coyote, raccoon, weasels and the usual squirrels, tree frogs and many species of birds and raptors and native plants.

We can simply orient to this little view into the natural world, or we can sit our walk in the forest.

Discovery is the beating heart of nature based therapy, and relationship is the medicine.

As a friend once remarked, “Get out into the forest and discover your fractal nature.”
I have studied with Jon Young and mentored with Josh Lane, and highly recommend their books and programs. Cultivating a Bird Sit practice gives you an excellent foundation for Somatic Experiencing® therapy.