Healing Trauma: Wild Animals Know the Secret

Your Body’s Natural Organic Wisdom Scientists have made a fascinating discovery about the way animals in the wild let go of fear and stress. Because they are able to release it and move on, they are free of PTSD like symptoms. Without this ability in the wild, they would wander around shut down, uptight or confused . . . and…
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stress or trauma

Is It Stress or Trauma? Learn the difference and outsmart anxiety

Perhaps you have experienced some of these situations You have a medical or dental procedure and you try to calm yourself but you notice fear getting the best of you. Afterward you feel numb, spacy and disconnected from yourself. You work in an office where no matter how hard you work, it will never be enough, and you have to…
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Oregon Somatic Therapy

Grief and Loss: How to Move Through Grief and Heal

Is It Depression or Could It Really be Grief? What is Grief? Grief happens when we experience the death of a loved one or pet. And grief also takes up residence in our bodies when we experience any type of loss. Grief can even visit when good things happen that change our lives. When we experience a change and we…
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