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Your 7 Intuitive Intelligences

Everyone has intuition.  But what most people don’t know is that they have 7 different types of “intuitive Intelligence.”   These come as part of the software of the Soul.  They are sometimes known as the chakras.

And the animal that is our body makes use of these intelligences without our even knowing it.

Using SoulCollage® with your Animal Guides can give you direct access to these 7 intutive intelligences.

Read more about these intelligences below.

When pure light shines through a prism, it divides the light into different colors.  The chakra system in the body acts like a prism for the Soul.  Our earthly life schools us in the lessons of the seven major chakras.

Chakras function in two ways:

  • Like a CD Rom with information on how to run the body and work in time and space
  • As an operating system, or state in which the Soul operates the body in space and time.This state indicates the Soul’s evolution

Each chakra creates an intimate interface between the spiritual and physical world. The chakras describe the journey of the Soul from the physical levels of existence to the cosmic, first to seventh chakra.  The issues or problems we wrestle with in every day life, point to the chakra where we are practicing and growing.  Knowing this can help us understand and appreciate the challenges in our lives as well as our strengths.

Everyone uses all the chakras throughout any given day.  But we may generally be operating from one main chakra that will color our overall journey.

For example, a client came in asking about all the relationships in his life: his wife, people at work, even his animals.  His focus and growth was taking place in the realm of the second chakra – relationships, though he certainly used all the other spiritual intelligences but fore the purpose of relating.

Another client focused on developing her accounting business.  She was on fire using her creativity and third chakra skills to test her skills as an entrepreneur…  She used her vision, empathy, her emotional intelligence for example, but through the lens of learning about the use of power.

A young woman come in with sever anxiety and depression and in working with her animal guides, found out that her creative ability and peace of mind was tied up with a fight for her survival.  She found an image of a cheetah that helped her reclaim her power, and outsmart the anxiety and depression.

Each chakra has a lesson, which must be completed before we can pass through its gateway.  When we complete the spiritual and physical lessons of each chakra, like a butterfly, we emerge into a new state of being, a new focus of attention.

This way of looking at the chakras differs from other models in that it shows how the soul develops and learns by evolving through the lesson of each chakra.  The Soul requires this journey through the physical world to evolve.   We learn because of our earthly life, not in spite of it.  Each lesson builds a foundation and contributes the skills learned for the moving on to the next cycle.  As Jesus described it, we create “on earth as it is in heaven.”


Chakra Ability Skills and Uses Intention is used to:
One Clairsentience Body Intelligence, instinct Survive, find our way through the physical world


Two Clairempathy Emotional Intelligence, ability to perceive emotion Relate and connect using emotion, manifest desire
Three Clairkinesis Creative Intelligence, use of force and power to transform physical world, psychokinesis, psychometry, healing Create, manifest in the physical world using physical energy, force and power
Four Compassion Relational Intelligence Ability to be one without merging, true rapport and attunement with another Create unity, common cause with others, healing through empathy, creating community
Five Clairaudience Symbolic Intelligence, telepathy, use of power rather than force Use symbols and meaning to create and attract matter, power vs. force,
Six Clairvoyance Vision, Seeing

What people think of as intuition, seeing clearly, visual intelligence, transcend space

See the big picture and use vision to structure matter
Seven Clairprescience Knowing

Ability to know with out logic or deduction, to be able to use the akashic records, ability to be in the world not of the world, transcend time

To create through oneness, through the dissolution of the illusion of boundaries