Getting Started

My practice is a little full and it can take some time to get an appointment, so until then, here are some ways to continue your healing journey.

If you’d like to be on my waiting list, please use the link below to register:

What To Expect After You Join the Waitlist

Depending on how our schedules match up, it could be 4 – 6 months for a regular weekly or bi-weekly appointment to become available.  But if you are able to start with occasional appointments as I have cancelations or vacation openings, we could ease into Somatic Experiencing® gradually, but get started more quickly.

If you have urgent or acute distress, I’d suggest contacting your insurance plan today and they will help you find someone right away. Your well-being is soooo important. If you need help now, please get it. You might also call the Metro Crisis Line 503-988-4888 if you’re in acute distress.

My sessions are Tuesday – Thursday from 10 – 4:00 pm and occasional Fridays.

My fee is $180 per 53 minute hour, and gladly accept your insurance to help make it affordable.  If you add your insurance information when you register registered for, we will check your benefits and let you know what we discovered.

I’m in-network with Kaiser and Pacific Source.

If you have Kaiser, please contact your PCP and ask for a referral to see me. If approved Kaiser will create an authorization number for a specific number of visits. And then we can start.

Until the active growth in corvid-19 cases starts to flatten, I will be offering video sessions only.   And fortunately, all plans cover telehealth until 12-31-20.

If you’d like a little lift or inspiration, take a look at my facebook page: Oregon Somatic Therapy or take a look at my blog or listen to the podcast on the Resources page:  Working with Freeze

You’ll find forms, statements and even a private online journal at your client portal:


I’m in network with Kaiser and Pacific Source. And some clients are able to get an authorization from Care Oregon to see me with a single case agreement that their case manager set up for them.

Most other insurance plans offer out of network coverage. When you join my waiting list, we will check your benefits and give you an estimate of your co-payment. Once we confirm your benefits, usually at the time the first EOB (Explanation of Benefits) arrives, we will know your co-insurance amount. We will bill your insurance and you need only cover the copay.

Some clients are concerned for their privacy and prefer to pay out of pocket. Though your sessions are completely confidential and HIPPA compliant, if you use health insurance, they have the right to do a records review in order to pay for the services you are receiving. And you may not want your personal information disclosed.

If you have a Health Savings Account, this could save you 15 – 25% of the cost based on tax savings.

You might also contact your CPA or tax adviser to find out if the cost of therapy might be tax deductible, especially if your issues are related to work, career, business or school.