Christo Brehm, M.A., Professional Counselor Associate

Are you looking for a fresh approach to therapy that starts with honoring the innate wisdom of your body, mind, and spirit? Are you curious about mindful, contemplative, and body-based (somatic) therapies that restore balance and open up a deeper connection in your life?

Maybe you’ve experienced distress in relationships or feel depressed, anxious, or out of balance. Despite the ways you might be suffering, chances are you are a very resilient and creative human being. You’ve simply had to strategically adapt to life’s challenges and traumas, perhaps in ways you are unaware of. And now, you want to invite greater freedom, connection, and joy into your life. If this rings true for you, I can help you deepen the connection to your innate inner wisdom and resourcefulness, which is really the most important source of deep healing.

We might start a session with you briefly identifying key issues to focus on. Without losing focus on those issues, we shift our attention toward your present moment experience, starting with perception of the physical environment and internal or external body sensations, and later integrating emotions, images, thoughts, and memories. We will work step by step with what uniquely opens up and unfolds within each session.

Common responses that my clients have shared about our work include feeling deeply seen and met, increased self-appreciation and self-compassion, and feeling at ease at a deep level. As our work develops over time, people report feeling more and more empowered to be vulnerable and authentic in the therapy room but, most importantly, in their day-to-day lives. You might find that the most tender aspect of therapy is not necessarily working through your problems but re-establishing your felt connection to the amazing, creative, and inspired parts of yourself that may have been guarded and hidden away, perhaps for many years. There is a recognition and a grieving that comes with this work, and at the same time, a wonderful door opens that cannot or will not thereafter be closed.


$130 per 53-55 minute session. I offer a $30 discount for same day, time of service payment (i.e. time of service fee would be $100).

In addition to private/cash payment, I can accept and bill most Oregon Health Plan (OHP) plans such as CareOregon, Trillium, and other OHP carriers in Oregon. I am not in-network with any commercial plans. You may be able to use your Out of Network Benefits depending on your specific insurance plan details and deductible status. I accept payment by Health Savings Account card or Flexible Spending Plan card, which offers significant tax savings. Feel free to get in touch and we can discuss payment options.

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If this brief overview of my approach to therapy and healing work has sparked your curiosity, I invite you to visit my website, innerroomtherapy.com, or contact me at the number or email listed below. I offer no-fee consultations where you can get to know me and find out for yourself if working together would be a good fit.

Phone: (541) 275-6349

Email: christo@innerroomtherapy.com